The Smart Money Habits You Need to Acquire NOW

It’s all about the money. Yeah, yeah, it cannot buy happiness, kindness, love. This is what those who have no money say. Have you seen an unhappy and moody person on a yacht? Have you? Yeah, money buys stuff. And we want stuff. We want a lot of things now, on the instant. We are inpatient. We study so as to find a good job. We go to work so as to earn more. We invest so as to make more of what we have already earned. And we want it all as soon as possible.dollar-1362244_640 But then reality happens and we realize that the dreams we have all depend on that money we cannot get now. And what now, we ask. How to earn more or most importantly how to save more? How to get more of what we already make? Well, it’s all about priorities, I would say. Yeah, the money scarce just as all the other resources and want it or not, they will come to an end at some time. That is why before spending comes thinking. Before spending comes decision making. And the smart people make smart, informed decision. Learn how!

Make budget

What you should be perfectly aware of is how much you earn. Because how could you know how much you are spending, if you have no idea how much you are getting. There is no way. So start making budgets. Write down in a diary, notebook or a simple spare piece of paper, how much you earn each month and what you are spending your money for. Thus you will have a clearer notion and you will be able to act more rationally.

Never hurry

Or differently said: wait before you buy. You go in that shop and fall in love with a beautiful black dress, a new camera equipment or a lovely piece of decoration for your house, and you are ready to buy it now, spending as much as they ask you to. And this is the stupidest way of shopping ever. First of all, there is something called a sale, and when the time for one of those comes, you can find absolutely every item you like at half price. So imagine the great disappointment of buying a coat for £200 and then finding it for £50. However, if you are sure that this thing you liked so much will never be on sale, you need to make a little research. Go online and you almost always will find it for at least 20-30% less than in the store.

Plan your meals and pack a lunch

Going out for lunch is not going out for a meal, but going out for meeting friends or family. It is a way of communication and kind of lovely experience. So when you are alone or with your closest family members, eat at home, cook dinner, create memories. When you want to make the day more special, go out.

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