Household tricks: How to wash the most stubborn stains?

Grass, blood, makeup, ink … You can erase every trace of your clothes!

“Spot” is an ugly word, but no more ugly than what it denotes. Even if she can not boast of what kind of household abilities a lady needs to know how to deal with any possible stain on her clothes.

Today we will release secrets that we “stole” from end of tenancy cleaning FulhamĀ that will greatly facilitate your life.

Grass stains

You only need a brush teeth and a plain white toothpaste. Put a little paste on the brush, immerse in clean water, then brush the stain, rinse this area of the garment, and you can now wash it in the usual way.

Image of grass

Blood stains

If the blood is already dry, you may not be able to clean it with the cold water method. One option is to pour perhydrol on the stain, the other to wet the stained area, sprinkle it with plain salt and so scrub the blood.

Image of blood


Lipstick stains

They are particularly stubborn, but we will point out different ways. Try alcohol, but without rubbing – just wet a clean white cloth and sip the lipstick with it.

Another option is to put a mild detergent on the stain, allow it to absorb for 10 minutes, then carefully remove the stained area by treating it from the edges to the inside of the stain. If the fabric of the garment allows, you can also apply the trick with a hair polish – spray the stain, leave it for 10-15 minutes, then you should be able to wipe it with a clean white cloth dampened with warm water.

Image of lipstick

Stains from foundation

Before you wash the garment (or towel cloth) in the usual way, treat the stain with a shaving foam or regular shampoo. Both products contain the necessary ingredients to help you get rid of the unpleasant spots.

Oily stains

Sprinkle the greasy portion of cornstarch, wait for a few minutes and then just tap it. The mission should end successfully.

Image of oil

Rubbed on chewing gum

The most neat way you can handle this trouble is by trying to “freeze” the gum. So it will become stiff and will go much easier. To do this, leave a 15-minute ice bag on the problem area, then use a brush or something similar to a credit card to wipe out the gum.

If this method does not help, you will have to resort to the “heavy artillery” – pour a little oil on the clinging gum. Rub it with your fingers and remove the gum that is no longer so sticky. Then immediately use the above described method to remove greasy stains to get rid of the oil.

Image of chewing gum

Spots of coffee or tea

Stretch the wet section onto a bowl or kettle – as if you were making a drum. Use a ribbon to secure it in place. Then pour hot water from a height of about 30 cm through the cloth. Be careful not to burn! This “number” is also applicable to wax spots.

Image of coffee and tea

Stains of red wine

Immediately try to drink as much as you can, then rinse with lukewarm water (maybe with carbonated water). Sprinkle the stain with salt and try to so wash it. If it persists, try the hot water method described above. We can also recommend three solutions that usually handle wine damage: 1/3 cup Vinegar + 2/3 cup Water, or 2 tablespoons. Ammonia at 1 cup water or alcohol and water mixed in equal amounts.

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