Clean a Long Uninhabited House and Bring It to Life

There is that villa abroad you have just bought or that cottage in the countryside that belonged to your great-grandparents years ago or that apartment, which had no tenants for the past few months and they have one thing in common – they have been uninhabited for a while and have gathered more dust and cobwebs than you expected. Brodick_Castle_ScullerySo you feel puzzled and bewildered not knowing where to start and how the hell you could make this place look normal and be cozy enough for you to live in it. The truth is that you need to have a little bit different approach when you need to take care of a house like this, because you cannot just go there and start vacuuming. It will be pointless and there would be absolutely no results. That is why you better plan everything in advance and bring this house back to life faster than you expected.

Gather everything you don’t need

It could be some pieces of furniture that are either too old or just broken and completely useless. It could be boxes full of someone’s belongings that could be valuable for someone, but not for you or it could be just dirt. Whatever it is you need to get rid of it. Empty the entire place so that you could then cleaning it properly and efficiently and achieve some results. If you believe that there is something in this place that could be of any use of another person, give it to charity or to a friend.

Find a cleaning team

That would be fast and time-consuming and will save you energy and money. Yeah, money. You will have to pay that team, but you won’t need to buy detergents and tools and to take days off so as to scrub and polish everything.

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