Household tricks: How to wash the most stubborn stains?

Grass, blood, makeup, ink … You can erase every trace of your clothes!

“Spot” is an ugly word, but no more ugly than what it denotes. Even if she can not boast of what kind of household abilities a lady needs to know how to deal with any possible stain on her clothes.

Today we will release secrets that we “stole” from end of tenancy cleaning Fulham that will greatly facilitate your life.

Grass stains

You only need a brush teeth and a plain white toothpaste. Put a little paste on the brush, immerse in clean water, then brush the stain, rinse this area of the garment, and you can now wash it in the usual way.

Image of grass

Blood stains

If the blood is already dry, you may not be able to clean it with the cold water method. One option is to pour perhydrol on the stain, the other to wet the stained area, sprinkle it with plain salt and so scrub the blood.

Image of blood


Lipstick stains

They are particularly stubborn, but we will point out different ways. Try alcohol, but without rubbing – just wet a clean white cloth and sip the lipstick with it.

Another option is to put a mild detergent on the stain, allow it to absorb for 10 minutes, then carefully remove the stained area by treating it from the edges to the inside of the stain. If the fabric of the garment allows, you can also apply the trick with a hair polish – spray the stain, leave it for 10-15 minutes, then you should be able to wipe it with a clean white cloth dampened with warm water.

Image of lipstick

Stains from foundation

Before you wash the garment (or towel cloth) in the usual way, treat the stain with a shaving foam or regular shampoo. Both products contain the necessary ingredients to help you get rid of the unpleasant spots.

Oily stains

Sprinkle the greasy portion of cornstarch, wait for a few minutes and then just tap it. The mission should end successfully.

Image of oil

Rubbed on chewing gum

The most neat way you can handle this trouble is by trying to “freeze” the gum. So it will become stiff and will go much easier. To do this, leave a 15-minute ice bag on the problem area, then use a brush or something similar to a credit card to wipe out the gum.

If this method does not help, you will have to resort to the “heavy artillery” – pour a little oil on the clinging gum. Rub it with your fingers and remove the gum that is no longer so sticky. Then immediately use the above described method to remove greasy stains to get rid of the oil.

Image of chewing gum

Spots of coffee or tea

Stretch the wet section onto a bowl or kettle – as if you were making a drum. Use a ribbon to secure it in place. Then pour hot water from a height of about 30 cm through the cloth. Be careful not to burn! This “number” is also applicable to wax spots.

Image of coffee and tea

Stains of red wine

Immediately try to drink as much as you can, then rinse with lukewarm water (maybe with carbonated water). Sprinkle the stain with salt and try to so wash it. If it persists, try the hot water method described above. We can also recommend three solutions that usually handle wine damage: 1/3 cup Vinegar + 2/3 cup Water, or 2 tablespoons. Ammonia at 1 cup water or alcohol and water mixed in equal amounts.

Image of wine

More information and cleaning tips on this blog.

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The Greek economic crisis is something we have all heard of. What it causes are prices of any kind of properties much lower than years ago and maybe much lower than they will soon be. Greece has no money, this is wide known, and for this reason anyone who comes ready to invest is so nicely welcomed. Grab your phone or your laptop and contact a real estate agency, specialized in this region, now. And next summer will be the best in your life.


The best ways to prepare your living-room for an end of tenancy carpet cleaning firm

Congratulations! You have actually made a decision to go with an end of tenancy carpet cleaning service. This is probably among the best decisions that you are ever likely to make, and ideally you will be making it every year from now on. Not simply you are going to end up with carpetings that look definitely magnificent, however you will additionally wind up with a carpeting that has a prolonged life expectancy, this is going to save you cash in the future. kittenNonetheless, just before your selected an end of tenancy carpet cleaning company, you will need to perform a number of prep work activities in your living room; this will ensure that your carpeting is washed as successfully as possible, and that it goes as promptly as possible. Let’s take a little look at the many things that you need to do.

The first thing you should do is to examine whether your an end of tenancy carpet cleaning firm consists of the moving of furniture in their pricing structure, some do, some don’t. If they don’t, then ask if you can pay additional for the service. If that isn’t possible, then you will certainly have to accomplish the planning tasks on your own. You should bear in mind however, that most of an end of tenancy carpet cleaning business will certainly not move the ‘heaviest’ things in your area. They will only move away the many things that are light-weight, for instance sofas and chairs.

If your choosen company isn’t really able to help you out after that you will certainly need to move the many things on your own well before you picked an end of tenancy carpet cleaning firm showing up. So make certain that you get rid of each one of those light-weight items in your area. In most cases, you will manage to leave heavy objects in position. This is due to the fact that most of an end of tenancy carpet cleaning firms will certainly be able to clean around them. They might have to be removed if you are having your carpet fixed at the same time.Image of cleaningIt is claimed that you remove any kind of items that could be broken before the end of tenancy carpet cleaning company show up. In fact, many will certainly ask that you remove your data cables, phone connections and any other ‘small’ items in the accomodation. This will ensure that no damage occurs to your personal possessions whilst the carpeting cleaning procedure is taking place. Essentially, you will certainly desire as much feasible eliminated from the floor just before your end of tenancy carpet cleaning company shows up. You want them to focus on the cleaning after all!

The whole process will certainly take around 7 hours, usually they will request that you do not go into the living-room during this time, or else it might ‘destroy’ the carpeting cleaning procedure. You will certainly therefore wish to ensure that you have snatched every little thing you require just before the ‘team’ arrive. If you are going to be leaving them alone to clean your carpetings, then you will want to guarantee that you show them where every little thing is, this includes the electrical issues and also the water points. This again will certainly assist the procedure to be as smooth as possible.

Ideally this has provided you all the info that you require to ensure that you can prepare just before your end of tenancy carpet cleaners show up. If you need more information, then don’t be reluctant to obtain in contact with them. Click here for more information or see this presentation.



Clean a Long Uninhabited House and Bring It to Life

There is that villa abroad you have just bought or that cottage in the countryside that belonged to your great-grandparents years ago or that apartment, which had no tenants for the past few months and they have one thing in common – they have been uninhabited for a while and have gathered more dust and cobwebs than you expected. Brodick_Castle_ScullerySo you feel puzzled and bewildered not knowing where to start and how the hell you could make this place look normal and be cozy enough for you to live in it. The truth is that you need to have a little bit different approach when you need to take care of a house like this, because you cannot just go there and start vacuuming. It will be pointless and there would be absolutely no results. That is why you better plan everything in advance and bring this house back to life faster than you expected.

Gather everything you don’t need

It could be some pieces of furniture that are either too old or just broken and completely useless. It could be boxes full of someone’s belongings that could be valuable for someone, but not for you or it could be just dirt. Whatever it is you need to get rid of it. Empty the entire place so that you could then cleaning it properly and efficiently and achieve some results. If you believe that there is something in this place that could be of any use of another person, give it to charity or to a friend.

Find a cleaning team

That would be fast and time-consuming and will save you energy and money. Yeah, money. You will have to pay that team, but you won’t need to buy detergents and tools and to take days off so as to scrub and polish everything.

Have you tried the services of SYK End of Tenancy Cleaning team. On this page you can find more information about them.


The Smart Money Habits You Need to Acquire NOW

It’s all about the money. Yeah, yeah, it cannot buy happiness, kindness, love. This is what those who have no money say. Have you seen an unhappy and moody person on a yacht? Have you? Yeah, money buys stuff. And we want stuff. We want a lot of things now, on the instant. We are inpatient. We study so as to find a good job. We go to work so as to earn more. We invest so as to make more of what we have already earned. And we want it all as soon as possible.dollar-1362244_640 But then reality happens and we realize that the dreams we have all depend on that money we cannot get now. And what now, we ask. How to earn more or most importantly how to save more? How to get more of what we already make? Well, it’s all about priorities, I would say. Yeah, the money scarce just as all the other resources and want it or not, they will come to an end at some time. That is why before spending comes thinking. Before spending comes decision making. And the smart people make smart, informed decision. Learn how!

Make budget

What you should be perfectly aware of is how much you earn. Because how could you know how much you are spending, if you have no idea how much you are getting. There is no way. So start making budgets. Write down in a diary, notebook or a simple spare piece of paper, how much you earn each month and what you are spending your money for. Thus you will have a clearer notion and you will be able to act more rationally.

Never hurry

Or differently said: wait before you buy. You go in that shop and fall in love with a beautiful black dress, a new camera equipment or a lovely piece of decoration for your house, and you are ready to buy it now, spending as much as they ask you to. And this is the stupidest way of shopping ever. First of all, there is something called a sale, and when the time for one of those comes, you can find absolutely every item you like at half price. So imagine the great disappointment of buying a coat for £200 and then finding it for £50. However, if you are sure that this thing you liked so much will never be on sale, you need to make a little research. Go online and you almost always will find it for at least 20-30% less than in the store.

Plan your meals and pack a lunch

Going out for lunch is not going out for a meal, but going out for meeting friends or family. It is a way of communication and kind of lovely experience. So when you are alone or with your closest family members, eat at home, cook dinner, create memories. When you want to make the day more special, go out.